Caring for Aging Loved Ones & Your Growing Business

Caring for aging loved ones can span 10-20+ years and averages 20 hours per week.  It impacts your business, life, health and savings. The toll it takes on women is high, but men are now being impacted more.  Most have no idea the physical and emotional cost caregiving can impose.

Will You Be the One That Takes a Different Approach?

A Step-By-Step Roadmap

Supporting the independence of aging parents overwhelms the businesses, lives, health & finances of adult children.  Many people are surprised by the impact of caregiving, I was!   

It is possible to provide great care for your parents & loved ones and have a thriving business.  

My Journey

I spent more than 20 years as a business consultant helping large companies grow & change to meet shifting demands.

When I lost my consulting business because my parents needed more help, I realized many small business owners were in a similar situation.  I spent 4 years interviewing and learning the elder care industry.  

I help small business owners, entrepreneurs & consultants realign their business to Thrive as they take on caring for aging parents.  I help them identifying their role as caregivers to achieve Balance.

I  have programs that meet the needs of individuals who want help navigating elder care. 


No one should have to choose between a business they have built and caring for loved ones.  

Ruth Ullmann, Founder

I'm Ruth Ullmann, Founder of I've solved problems most of my life working in large corporations, High Tech and Life Science both domestic and international. I have a B.S. in Business and an MBA.

One Decision

You'll make one big decision for yourself and have a thoughtful discussion with your parents or loved ones that sets you up for long-term success personally and professionally.

Knowledge is Power

You'll have insider knowledge about the elder care industry that will help you make confident decisions that are perfect for your family and situation.

You won't worry that you missed something, it's all laid out. 

Your Business Thrives

We'll set up your company to thrive for periods of time without you, so you can take care of loved ones.  

You'll have Peace of Mind & Confidence knowing that your customers are in good hands and your loved ones are cared for and comfortable.

For Small Businesses

We have solutions for small business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Specifically for Individuals

We have solutions that addresses the needs of individuals whether you are a planner or someone that needs immediate answers, click below to learn more.


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