Welcome, How I Got Here

It Started With a Small Change...

14 Years of Caregiving

I helped my parents successfully achieve their greatest wish: Growing old in the home they built and loved.

But it wasn't easy and knowing what I know now, I would do it all differently...

Life Prior to Caregiving

I was living on the West Coast, working as an internal consultant.  I have a B.S. in Business and an MBA and have worked with large corporations doing both domestic and international problem solving.

I moved back to the Midwest to help my family, I started a consulting company that grew for more than a decade.  You can see how I thought my education and experience had prepared me for managing just about any difficult or complicated situation.  

I was WRONG!


Family dynamics played a role

TIME - making the right decision with limited time to research options and process information

Changes - that came so quickly, it was hard to process one before the next arrived.

Overwhelming volume of information, no time to filter and vet its' accuracy or relevance.

Juggling caregiving, managing a business & managing 2 households

Understanding & Maneuvering through all the Companies & Government Entities that Support Elder Care

Unexpected Costs

During the last 7 years of my parents' lives, their health declined more rapidly and their need for assistance increased.  

Even with the help of a home care company, I was unable to focus & to deliver high quality dependable results to my clients because of the unpredictability of my parents' health.  My clients couldn't put their businesses on hold and I couldn't ask them to do that.  I lost clients to the point I had no business to speak of.

The stress, lack of sleep and duration of this situation seriously impacted my health.

My income and savings took a significant hit

Later I learned, the impact on family caregiver's health, finances & savings is quite common

I Made the Leap to Find a Solution!

Certain that there was an easier way to navigate elder care for the 10 million+ Adult Children of Aging Parents all recreating the wheel,  juggling businesses, careers, families and caring for aging parents; my research began.

I started by interviewing all the companies that support elder care to understand how that industry operates.  I was overwhelmed by the generosity, candor and advice that I received. 

I made the leap, narrowed the mountains of information and a process came together that would change the way families could navigate elder care.

Giving people unbiased, straightforward information to help them make informed decisions.

Knowledge is the Power that Instills Confidence!

No One Should Have to Choose Between Their Business & Caring For Aging Parents

Combining Business Consulting with my Navigating Elder Care Programs helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants maintain their businesses while caring for aging parents.

It was heartbreaking to lose my business, but you don't have to lose your business.  

Changing the World A Little at a Time

Helping Individuals,  Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Consultants adjust their businesses to thrive without them for a period of time while they care for aging loved ones is an honor.

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