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How to Continue to Achieve Your Purpose While Caring for Aging Parents: 3 Unexpected Things to Consider

You are probably unaware of how caring for aging parents can impact your business.  It didn't occur to me.  Most people don't make the connection.  I hope you will and that you will take the leap to make a difference in your life and the life of your loved ones'.

Consider these statistics.  Caring for aging parents can span 10-20+ years and averages 20 hours per week.  This was a study completed by MetLife Mature Market.  When I tell people this, they are often shocked and take a step back as they think about how this will change their lives, impact their businesses and livelihoods.  I wish I had known this before my 14-year journey with my parents began.  What a difference it would have made!

Caregiving for many is managing finances, insurance, legal issue and being a health care advocate for your loved ones'.  For these activities, you need to have a Power of Attorney for Finance and Health Care.  You'll be moving and withdrawing money from your loved ones' accounts, spend time on the phone with Medicare and supplemental insurance companies and take loved ones' to doctors appointments.  All these activities occur during working hours.

1.  How will your business be impacted if you are away for 20 hours per week for 10-20+ years?  If this makes your heart stop, this is the 1st thing you need to make a plan for.  This is the time to really look at your business to automate, outsource and create backup plans for the things you do that will be impacted when you are away for extended periods of time.  For example, if you are the only person bringing in business, you need to train someone who can be your backup.  You'll need a backup plan for all important processes that come to a halt when you are away.

2.  What role will you play in providing care to aging parents?  How much time can you reasonably devote to caregiving without impacting your business, finances, health, and relationships?  

No One Can Do This Alone for 10-20+ years.  

Create a caregiving team, include siblings, other family members, neighbors, friends, and church outreach.  Each member of the team determines how much time they can devote and what they will contribute.

3.  What do your loved ones' want?  Where do they want to live?  What can they afford?  How do they want to be treated?  When they need more help than your team can provide, what's the next step?  Home Care, Assisted Living?

I hope you will take the leap and implement these 3 steps to set up your business, life and caring for aging parents possible.  

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