Insiders guide to Building Your Business While Caring for Aging Parents

Information that will change your journey

Unexpected Impact of Normal Life Events

If I told you that caring for aging parents could change your life, impact your health, savings, income and cause you to lose most or all of your business would you believe it? 

The impact on women is much greater than men.  Single women are most at risk.  Most of us are not aware of how aging parents will change our lives.  I wasn’t!

Would you be curious to learn more or would you say that won’t happen to me?

Most of us barely think about our parents aging, but then comes that day you see them in the sunlight and they are wrinkled and have grey hair.  One weekend, you see they are struggling to bring in heavy groceries and pulling the cord on the lawn mower is difficult to impossible. 

The moment you realize that your parents aren’t the strong independent people who raised you is shocking, sad and worrisome.  That moment sticks with you and pops up at unexpected times while you are driving, in church or in your dreams.   It’s a weird, ah-ha moment and you may try to deny it for as long as possible.  That’s what most of us do, I did it too.

I didn’t know, caring for aging parents can span 10-20+ years.  That’s a long time to shoot from the hip.  For many people caring is defined as managing your parent’s finances, legal, insurance and being a health advocate.  Helping them manage around the house.  Some of these activities can be done on the weekends and evenings while much are during working hours.  People devote on Average 20 hours per week to caring for aging loved ones. 

I encourage you to be brave and face what’s coming as early as possible because it gives you time to put things in place that will make a difference to your business, health, savings and income.

Putting a plan in place will give you the opportunity to change how you and your family navigate this time in your lives.  Everyone wins! 

Feeling confident that your business will thrive because you put into place a structure and team to grow your business while you take on caring for aging parents gives you peace of mind and a freedom to focus on setting up a process and a team to care for your aging parents and anticipate their changing needs. 

Putting in place a plan allows you and your family to spend quality time together, creates financial security for you, your employees and your business thrives. 

The bonus of doing this work is that your children learn how to manage life events and you have positively impacted 3 generations. 

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Please share this article with the women in your life, your mother, sister, nieces, neighbors, women at work and church.  Building Awareness may help them save their businesses and change the course of their lives and their family’s elder care journey.  You could be someones' hero, isn't that a gift worth sharing!