Welcome Change Your Story, Change Your Life Listeners


If you're on this page, it's probably because you heard Louis DiBianco and me talking on Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

I hope you had as much fun listening as I did talking with Louis. He is a great person and host, sharing ideas and wisdom that benefits all of us.  

Helping small business owners realign their businesses so the business can thrive while the owner takes on caring for aging parents is my focus.  

Women take the lead in caring for aging parents often to the detriment of the company they built.  I help with 1:1 business consulting and several on-line programs that helps families navigate elder care.  

Let's stay connected, to get your free copy of 5 Phases of Elder Care click on the link below, add your email and get immediate access.  It's a 1 Page comprehensive Infographic.  You will use it as a checklist.

Download 5 Phases of Elder Care

This 1 Page Info-graphic outlines all the phases of elder care, what decisions need to be made in each phase. It's a easy to consume and usable checklist.


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