Focus on... Nursing Home (60 minutes to complete)


You'll learn the behind the scenes advice from Nursing Home Executives, site visit questionnaires & comparison tools.


Outlined below is how this 4-module online course will transform your Nursing Home Choice from stressful and worried to confident and prepared. While the course is designed in 4 modules, you will have access to all modules when you purchase. You'll be fully prepared with all the knowledge and tools to make a nursing home choice in 60 minutes.

I realized you may be in a situation where you need an answer quickly and being able to peruse all the modules will help you get the answers you need when you need them. You are no longer alone; you have a partner in this journey.

Focus on Nursing Home was specifically designed so you have the concise tools, knowledge and confidence to make the best possible decisions and life changing move for your family as easy as possible.

Each module has several segments presented in short 20-minute or less videos that you can watch when you have the time and on many devices, from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Module 1: Caregiver Role (This is a Bonus Module)

In this short, but powerful module you have created your care-giving or care manager role. You transform your life from being absorbed by care giving to a Care Manager.

Now you have time for work, achieving your goals, participating in the milestones of your kids, grandchildren and spouse. You have time to spend with friends & take part in fun activities.

Many caregivers put themselves last. This bonus was created to put you, the family caregiver, first.

Build a plan to reduce your stress and workload.

The Realities of Care giving

Learn the realities of quality care giving and the impact it has on caregivers. This will help you coordinate and communicate better with the care-giving team you create.

Learn to increase positive outcomes for caregivers with comprehensive tools. You'll also get a home and elder care skill assessments so you can understand where your family member is struggling and other useful things like identifying tripping hazards in the home or living quarters.

Module 2: Affording Nursing Home Communities

In this module you will quickly and easily know what your loved ones' can afford. You are now in a position to begin identify which Nursing Home Communities to put on your list.

Know what you need and what you can afford

We will gather the financial documents you will need so that you are prepared and know what your loved ones can afford. In case you missed other sources of money, we have a comprehensive list so you don't leave any stone uncovered.

Module 3: Transitioning to Nursing Home Communities

In this module you create a plan to make the transition to Nursing Home Communities easier for every family member.

Preparing for a significant life change

Transitioning to Nursing Home Communities outlines how to lessen the impact of a life changing move for your loved one.

Selling the family home and downsizing can be emotional not only for your loved one, but for every member of the family. Preparing for this change and taking a few important steps helps everyone adjust.

Preparing for this change and taking a few important steps helps everyone adjust.

Module 4: Nursing Home Communities

This is a comprehensive module, you'll know how & where to identify Nursing Home Communities that are appropriate for your family and you are confident & prepared with tools to ask the right questions. You are armed with the tools & knowledge to make the best decision for your situation.

Know what providers are available and how to choose

Nursing Home Communities outlines the type of Nursing Home Communities available, how to identify the communities in your area and important things to know before doing a site visit.

A virtual walk-through helps you understand all the questions to ask on your site visit. What to look for, best times to visit, and site visit questionnaire and comparison tool. You'll find that communities are not an apples to apples comparison.


When you join the My Elder Care Journey Community, each program you purchase comes with free updates. So as the course grows, we incorporate people's questions & answers so you can have access to all those updates as part of your membership.

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Focus on... Nursing Home

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